All You Need To Know About Township Game! – A Beginner Guide


Township Game is based on building a beautiful city by performing new tasks. The game is made by Playrix in order to offer lots of enjoyment for game lovers. It means those users who love to build a wonderful town or city can play the game for exploring unlimited fun.

Lots of challenging tasks are added in the game from those players will enhance their mental skills while not obtaining abundant stressed.  If you need to play the game, you can download it on Android and iOS devices without paying any cent.

Farming plays a vital role within the game from that you’ll be able to develop the city.  in the beginning you need to maintain the crops in few yards, however later once the amount goes up the hardness conjointly increase.

It means then on a user needs to support multiple cultivation yards for developing the town. Don’t panic as here we discuss some best township hack and cheats which help you to progress in the game faster.

Remember the time

It is suggested to remember the time before harvesting the crops as some of them take much time to grow. While going on harvesting note the time of finishing until it is covert to mature plants. So that there is no need to wait for a longer time to grow it or to sell it at higher costs.

Crops like wheat and corn take some minutes to build, which are also considered as essential crops. One needs to crop more wheat for receiving a higher amount of rewards.

Potatoes or cacao

Crops like potatoes or cacao contain much time to grow, one needs to harvest them before going to bed. At the next morning, a user can harvest those crops easily. Plating them during the daylight is a waste of time as one needs to harvest it at the mid of night. If the crops are not harvested at the tight time, it may become damaged. So, it is recommended to plant the potatoes or cacao before going to bed.

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Kinds of currency

Mainly there are two types of currency used to perform every single task, namely cash coins, and premium T-cash. Without collecting the currencies in a sufficient amount, one cannot run the game, or there is no means of playing it. It becomes hard for gamers to earn these kinds of currencies, but some ways are available to make them quickly. Some of the useful ways are: –

  • Use helicopters to collect orders –

The helicopter includes order requests from the populaces of town. One needs to click on the helicopter button to obtain the orders. After completing the orders, you’ll get a certain amount of coins and premium T-cash.

  • Sell the crops –

selling the crops is considered as another way of earning coins. One can market important crops in order to collect a higher amount of currency. From that, they can develop the town quickly or make it bigger. So, try to sell essential crops.

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