Playing DragonVale? Avoid These Mistakes in 2020

dragonvale mistakes

The online games are not only a source for fun but also a platform where you can apply various strategies to score better than your competitors.

Dragon Vale game is all about nurturing the dragons and making a park for them where you can invite other visitors.

Instead of competition, there is more of zeal to achieve goals. Now, what purposes are we talking about?

The goals tab on your screen will show you a list of objective is that you need to fulfill if you want to win some Dragon Cash and other exciting objects like additional food for your dragons.

  • The goals are available for only a limited period. If you can achieve the goal, well, you will get the rewards.
  • The achievements section is static. You can only continue playing to bring about changes in this section.

Buying New Decorations

You may often face some standard issues at the initial phase of playing like

  1. Unable to fulfill the goals.
  2. No buildings.
  3. No habitat to put the dragons.
  4. Not enough cash to buy more dragons.
  5. Out of food for the pets.

You can learn how to prioritize the responsibilities as you continue playing more and more. You can always relax by purchasing some decorations.

Don’t think that the decorations are only there to please the visitors or to add aesthetic value to the sanctuary.

If you are searching for how to hack dragonvale then you must be aware of fake websites promoting surveys and offers online. Stary away from them.

You can earn valuable XPs. The more you spend on buying the decorations, the more XP will keep on adding to the total.

The Living Creature Needs Food

Living creatures in the virtual world will also need food to love. You have to feed the dragons regularly for their survival.

The types of food that you can offer will vary with the stages. You have to grow and harvest the treats.

So you must plan in such a way that the food will not finish before you harvest a fresh lot.

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