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Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Training Tips

game of thrones conquest dragon training tips

Game of Thrones: Conquest permits to create your Dragon and nurture it to the fullest ability. Following the tips given below, you will get all the basics of Dragon Training.

Construct Dragon Pit

You have first to get the Dragon Pit. The two essential things you need to complete to start your Dragon pit are:

  • Upgrade your Keep to level 4 and achieve the liberty to construct Dragon Pit.
  • Follow the main quest and construct the Pit. You will be able as and when your level reaches Keep 4.

Feeding Your Egg

After your Dragon Pit is ready, you can then activate your Dragon Egg. It can be done by clicking on the Dragon just above Pit or by hitting on the Dragon button after you hit the Pit.

You must first ensure your Egg hatches fast by incubating the Egg with wood.

More wood implies more points of expertise and can allow you to prepare Dragon Egg for hatching quicker.

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Tips to getting Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore is one an essential thing you require to update your Dragon. It also turns out to be one of GoT’s most challenging tools to accumulate. When you want to obtain more Dragon Lore, find these two ways.

Firstly, by performing these game of thrones hack and tricks, you will earn free Dragon Lore. You will gain more chests by performing several daily quests. Every chest includes 60 Dragon Lore, as we have noticed.

The second approach could cost you several real-life cash, sadly. The tab on special offers gives you the freedom to buy exclusive items that could contribute to your Dragon Lore collection.

You can also gain any Dragon Lore for participating in special events. The most crucial event in this chapter at the moment is Fire and Blood that could provide you with Dragon Lore.

Nourish Your Dragon with Healthier Livestock when It Hatches

The easiest way to improve your Dragon fast is to help ensure you put sufficient Livestock in your Dragon, mainly if it’s of the better quality type.

Typically, through the chests you unlock after complete missions, you can collect Livestock. Also the deliveries you obtain from the sea, and the presents you earn from other representatives of your clan gives Livestock.

More Feedings?

Game of Thrones: Conquest requires you to feed your Dragon just seven occasions a day, with an eighth bonus meal. Regular feedings can never be kept because they disappear in 24 hours when you don’t use them!

Talents Properly

Under the Talents tab, you will see that four sections correspond to the maturity level of your Dragon at any given time — Hatchling, Whelp, Adolescent, and Adult.

The Hatchling tree generally includes skills that will help your Dragon fight the many creatures (i.e. wild animals) that you may see on the map.

Then allow the creature to help in other aspects, such as healing troops, providing support to troops in combat, or defending the Keep.

 Reveal New Competences over Research

Besides utilizing Talent points for improvising, you can do several Research to enhance its stats.

It helps you to also mastering other abilities for your Dragon that would eventually boost its statistics. Research like Hatchling, Whelp, Adolescent, and Adult are essential.

Upgrade Your Dragon Pit

When you can update your Dragon Pit, level it up by meeting the requirements. Updating the Dragon Pit improve its original Power score, as well as it also enhances the Dragon Feeding Reward.…