Toon Blast – 2 Simple Ways to Earn Coins in it!

One major thing that you need to know before going to start playing Toon Blast is the main and only type of in-game currency in it.

Therefore, the same type of currency is in the form of coins and players require a big amount of coins to make progress in it.

They simply have to know that currency is used for buying boosters in the game and also to perform all other significant tasks in it.

There are numerous features also present in Toon Blast which male it classic and stunning from all other puzzles games. Some of the main features are like in-app purchases feature; players simply create their team accordingly different types of puzzles and many more also.

Also, after every month there are some new things and features added to the game.

2 methods to get currency in Toon Blast

Well, here are described the 2 main methods of in-game currency in the form of coins. So, players have to make use of toon blast free coins and lives hack properly and then get currency in good amount –

  • By solving puzzles – Players in the game simple earn coins in big amount and also with boosters or combos by solving more numbers of puzzles. They have to know they boosters and combos help them in earning more and more coins in Toon Blast.

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  • Use Facebook and sign-up process – Players in the game have to know that they simply make use of the Facebook to earn coins. It means that they get coins in the game by connecting the game with Facebook. Also, they get coins by completing the sign-up process in it.

So, these are the simple 2 methods which help you in earning a good amount of coins and all other things like boosters and combos easily.

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